How To Help

How Can I Help?

     Have you read the information on this site and are wondering what can you do to help? The most important thing you can do is to ask the City Leaders to reverse what has already been done! Stop the layoffs and fire station closures. Tell them this is unacceptable and demand the fire protection and service that you pay for and deserve!
There are two ways to do this. 

     You can make your voice heard by getting on the agenda to speak at Decembers council meeting. You must stop in at the City Manager’s office and request to be on the agenda by Friday December 2nd before noon to speak at the Dec 7th meeting.

You can also call your City Leaders by phone.
  • City Manager’s office- 533-2001
  • Fire Chief’s Office- 533-2060
  • William Gentile, Jr- 535-6466
  • Frank Janakovic- 535-2027
  • Rose Howarth- 535-2499
  • Pete Vizza- 536-4198
  • Anthony Pinozzotto- 539-1416
  • Marie Mock- 539-0181
  • Jack Williams- 262-8303
  • Ann Wilson- 536-0483

Thank You for your support!

 Click the following to print one and give to your neighbors!!!

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